Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Email from a Candidate

"Hello Sean, Even though I was unsuccessful, I appreciate the prompt feedback. If my background matches the requirements of any other of you current vacancies in your agency's portfolio please let me know, or, conversely if you can provide me with a link to your listed vacancies I can have a look and if the case I'll contact you back. Thank you nevertheless."

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Email From a Candidate

I get a lot of ad response, when I advertise roles (as I sometimes do) I try where possible to advise candidates that are unsuitable or sometimes if the role is currently at interview stage. I let them know "We've had a good response to our advertising (as it's been running for a few weeks now) and so far the client is in the process of holding interviews." and that if if "the candidates interviewed aren't successful then I'll revisit your application." To help where I can I recommend some suitable websites that the applicant may be able to try. Every so often I get a response back to say; "Hello Sean, Thank you for getting back in touch as most people do not bother to do so. I will give those websites a look and I hope you find a successful candidate, Jimmy" It's hard when you're searching for a job (as WE ALL KNOW from first hand experience) so I try to reply wherever possible.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Conversations with Candidate

Me - "Are you happy to work away from home? Stay in Digs Monday to Thursday and come home at the weekends?" Candidate - "I would consider it" Me - "We have a Contract in London" Candidate - "I wouldn't want to travel that far...." Me - "So would you prefer something within a commutable distance of home?" Candidate - "I would prefer that, Yes."

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The Challenge With Job Descriptions

It turns out that after reviewing the Job Description with the Client that the Job Title will change, the required experience on the JD is different to the actual experience the Hiring Manager is going to be looking for when he reviews CVs and interviews, the qualifications would be nice to have "but experience is more important" and he thinks the salary band is too high. #AnotherDayInRecruitment